Executive Committee Meeting 11 April 06

Present: Bill Pleming - President Regrets: Susan Trejo-Quinonez

Tom Gallagher - V/President

Jack Seto - V/President

Maxine Montague - Secretary

Cheryl Fulton - Treasurer


The meeting was called to order at 11:30 am.

Elizabeth McCormick spoke with the committee via conference call to

review the proposed budget and a few key resolutions being presented

at the upcoming PSAC National Convention in May.

1. Minutes from January, February & March's meetings have yet to be Maxine

prepared. The secretary will take the local's laptop home and committ

to having the minutes completed by the next meeting.

2. Old Business:

a) Area Council Reports: see attached.

b) Training: Taining is underway. Hand outs for Union courses have been Maxine

circulated at the Executive Meetings. There is also information for

members wishing to apply for scholarships for their childred.

c) Contact with HR regarding new employees - still outstanding Maxine

d) Financial Report: The treasurer presented financial reports to the Cheryl

Committee for November 2005 - March 2006 inclusive.

3. New Business:

a) Repatriation of INAC employees: this item has been taken to the UMCC Bill


b) An up-to-date list of the new GSU Executive Committee and Local

President's was received from the National Office and circulated.

c) A pamphlet was received from Caughlin & Associates regarding Bill

PSAC members coverage for Life Insurance. This will be posted on the

bulletin boards.

d) Bill circulated his "synopsis" of the Local Presidents meeting which was

held in Nanaimo on 14th March by the two RVP's for our region.

- 2 -

e) Jack told the executive that he is working on an info sheet for new Jack

Employees that explains the "terms of reference" for each Executive


d) The webmaster is in the process of updating the local's website Barb

The website will possibly become a "regional" website for all the

Locals in this region to use. The cost would be split accordingly.

e) The new membership list was discussed. It was agreed that the

Executive would ensure the info is up-to-date and will endeavor

to have everyone's e-mail addresses.

g) The Executive Committee approved payment of $50.00 to

Tom Gallagher for attending the PSAC Health & Safety Conference

The meeting was adjourned at 12:30 pm.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 9th @ 11:30.